‘[They] want to come after you’: Rep. Roy denounces Democrats for targeting American people through spending plan

October 20, 2021
Press Release

WASHINGTON— On Tuesday, Rep. Chip Roy (TX-21) gave the following remarks on the tyrannical agenda within Democrats’ massive reconciliation spending plan:   

Full length of the clip can be found here, and a transcript is below:

I will say that on the floor of the House of Representatives last week I was entertained by listening to the majority leader brag, brag about voting 49 times to raise the debt ceiling in his career.

The debt going up from a trillion dollars to now 28 and a half trillion dollars. And what do my illustrious colleagues on the other side of the aisle want to do now? Throw another three and a half trillion dollars on top of massive inflation, people getting paid not to work, an economy getting absolutely crushed. And that is where our democratic colleagues want to take us. But the thing is, it’s not about the 28 and a half trillion dollars. That’s horrible: undermining the dollar, undermining our economy, racking up debt, printing money, making us weak compared to China.

But it really isn't that. It’s that my Democratic colleagues want to spend that money to come after you, the American people. That is what that money is for- it is to go after the American people.

It is to fund the FBI to go after parents at school boards, a school board where this summer, a dad went to talk to the school board and exercise his First Amendment rights because his daughter was raped in a bathroom. And what do the illustrious geniuses of the Loudoun County School Board do? What do these school board administrations across this country do to the association? They say we should call them domestic terrorists. What does the Biden administration do? Come out and say, we're going to fund the Department of Justice, we're going to say we should have people going after parents, going after parents for speaking at a school board where this little girl, this ninth-grade girl was raped in a bathroom by a dude wearing a skirt. What in the world is happening to our country?

But that is what my Democratic colleagues want to do. They want to fund bureaucrats to go after the American people. They want to fund OSHA. They want to give more money to OSHA, increasing the max for OSHA penalty for repeat offenders of violating the President's illegal, unconstitutional, vaccine mandate from seventy thousand to seven hundred thousand dollars, minimum penalty from five thousand to fifty thousand dollars, going after businesses who dare say they don't believe it is their role to tell their employees that they must get vaccinated. But in the infinite wisdom of this President, he thinks he has the power to go after the American people.

Well, God bless the pilots at Southwest, God bless the employees out there saying no, saying you don't get to do that.

But what do my Democratic colleagues want to do? They want to fund more bureaucrats to go after private citizens and private businesses who do not want to bow down to the edict of the President of the United States issuing an unlawful, illegal mandate. They want to fund more federal government restricting rights to work, $835 billion dollars in welfare through the tax code, expand federal government control over local zoning, empowering the IRS, as my colleagues have already eloquently spoke about, and going after your ability to have the energy to fuel your businesses, fuel your homes, and making the American people subject to energy poverty. That's what our Democratic colleagues have in mind.

And finally, giving billions of dollars to woke colleges, wealthy liberals, and the rest of the left's political base. That is the direction my Democratic colleagues want to take this country. I think the American people know this is the wrong direction. I urge my colleagues to oppose this disastrous legislation, and I thank the gentleman for yielding time.