Rep. Roy issues statement on Biden's day-one 'unity' attempt

January 21, 2021
Press Release

Rep. Chip Roy (TX-21) issued the following statement on Thursday in response to President Biden's day-one policy actions on immigration, the Paris Climate Agreement, the World Health Organization, and other issues:

During the transition, President-elect Biden talked a good game about “unity,” but his day-one actions tell a far different story. President Biden’s opening attempt at “unity” was to crush American jobs, drive up energy costs to rejoin a European social club masquerading as environmental protection, to return taxpayer dollars to an organization that ran cover for the Chinese Communist Party during the beginning of the pandemic, and to open up our borders to cartels and human smugglers while undermining public safety and the rule of law.

If President Biden wants to truly represent “all” Americans – as he claimed in his inaugural address – then he would do well to remember that the results of this past election do not grant some massive mandate for Democrats to start pushing a radical policy agenda on the American people. He should also remember that federalism matters precisely because it allows us to agree to disagree — not to raise tensions by forcing top-down decisions on people from Washington.

America does indeed need to come together and reunify right now, but radical, unilateral actions like these won’t unify a thing, but will only further inflame tensions at a time when the temperature in our public square is already too high. Unity is more than a buzzword for speeches and social media posts. Real unity requires respecting our differences and allowing us to live with them as free fellow citizens.