Rep. Chip Roy On TX-21 Medal Of Honor Recipient Master Sgt. Matthew Williams

October 30, 2019
Press Release

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Rep. Chip Roy released the following statement Wednesday regarding TX-21 native Master Sgt. Matthew Williams receiving the Medal of Honor:

I am thrilled that TX-21 native Master Sgt. Matthew Williams recieved the Medal of Honor at the White House today for his heroic actions while serving as Weapons Sergeant, Special Forces Operational Detachment Alpha 3336, Special Operations Task Force-33, in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM. 

According to the Medal of Honor citation, on April 6, 2008, Williams, his team, and roughly 100 Afghan commandos were airdropped from helicopters into a mountainous area in Afghanistan's Shok Valley. The terrain was too rough for the helicopters to land, so the soldiers jumped from 10-12 feet off the back of helicopters to start the mission.

An element of Williams’ team, including the ground commander, moved forward up the mountain towards their target. Williams and his group of Afghan commandos stayed behind near the drop point located near a riverbed. 

After moving their way through fast-moving river water and up rocky terrain, the element of Williams’ team that was ascending the mountain faced an onslaught of machine gun fire, sniper fire and rocket-propelled grenades. Williams and his group of Afghan commandos were forced to take cover.

Once Williams learned his team was trapped and taking heavy fire, Williams quickly joined a small assault team, led by Master. Sgt. Scott Ford, to assist the wounded and the troops taking heavy fire.

Williams led a group of Afghan commandos up the mountain across a 100-meter valley of boulders, fast-moving water, and difficult terrain towards the American troops in danger. Williams and the Afghan commandos quickly set up a human chain to bring the wounded down the mountain.

As they were setting up the chain, one of his fellow soldiers was hit by sniper fire. Without a moment’s hesitation, Williams braved enemy fire to give the soldier first aid and get him out of the line of fire.

After helping his fellow solider, Williams immediately turned around and fought his way back up the mountain to where his comrades were pinned down. After taking out multiple insurgents, Williams worked to get his unit organized. He then went back to putting himself between enemy fire and his fellow soldiers to protect them as they were making their way to safety.

Williams and his team were using a small house at the base of the mountain as the collection point for casualties and injured soldiers. Insurgents began attacking that position.

To buy time for helicopters to extract the wounded and get them to safety, Williams led a counterattack against a group of over 200 insurgents.

Master Sgt. Williams’ actions were critical in helping save the lives of four wounded soldiers and protected his comrades from grave danger. Because of his actions and his brave teammates, no American service members were killed.

Master Sgt. Williams exemplifies the selfless commitment our men and women in uniform give to the United States of America, our values, and our way of life. Due to my commitment as a voting member of the House of Representatives, as well as my responsiblity as the ranking member of the Oversight and Reform Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Civils Liberties, I was regretfully unable to attend the ceremony at the White House today. 

Master Sgt. Williams, TX-21, the state of Texas, and the entire nation is proud to honor you today.