Rep. Chip Roy Releases H.R. 6997, The "VA Prescription Flexibility Act"

June 9, 2020
Press Release

For Immediate Release: June 9, 2020
Contact: Robert Donachie 202.225.4236

Rep. Chip Roy released the following statement regarding his bill H.R. 6997, “The VA Prescription Flexibility Act." 
The coronavirus pandemic has brought to light many regulations that are unnecessary. One of the glaring regulations that needs repealing during national public health emergencies is negatively impacting Americans who have giving everything for our nation – our veterans.  

Under current law, the VA will pay for up to a 14-day supply of medication from outside providers. Should a veteran need a more than a 14-day supply, the VA will only cover the charges if it is filled at a VA facility, or a VA outpatient pharmacy. Veterans should never have to worry about where to go if they need their physician-prescribed medication. Our veterans should be able to fill their prescriptions at a location convenient for them.  

That is why I’ve introduced the “VA Prescription Flexibility Act” to waive the 14-day supply limit during national public health emergencies for non-VA facilities. My bill will allow veterans to fill their prescriptions for up to a 90-day supply at a location most convenient for them.

Since we’ve already enacted similar policy for our nation’s Medicare recipients during the coronavirus pandemic, we should waste no time ensuring our veterans get the same treatment.

Helping our nation’s veterans isn’t a partisan issue. I look forward to continue working with my colleagues to get this bill across the finish line for our veterans in Central Texas and across the nation.


Nate Anderson, Executive Director Concerned Veterans for America: 


"Care providers and policymakers should do everything possible to maximize quality and access to care. That includes cutting red tape and finding creative administrative solutions that meet the unique needs of patients. The VA Prescription Flexibility Act, authored by Representative Chip Roy, does just that. By allowing veterans to fill their prescriptions more conveniently, veterans can live with more freedom and peace of mind."

Rep Ted Budd:


"During times of national crisis, we cannot allow our veterans to fall through the cracks. They deserve the freedom and flexibility to get their prescriptions filled in a timely manner, even during public health emergencies. This bill is a sensible solution that will help keep our veterans healthy."

Rep. Perry:


“We owe our Veterans the absolute best we can give – those who have served and sacrificed tirelessly in defense of our Nation.  Our Veterans earned our respect and compassion in the care they may need - especially during public health emergencies. This common-sense legislation will afford our Veterans the flexibility they need to stay safe and healthy during this pandemic. I thank my great friend, Chip Roy, for his leadership on this issue, and his dedication to our Veterans." 

Rep. Norman:


“We must never allow our Veterans be victims to bureaucracy. This bill removes another obstacle for those who have served our nation to receive the medicine and care they need. It is the least we can do for those who have served to protect us."

Rep. Green:


“As a combat veteran, I know firsthand the delays that can come from filling prescription medication at a VA facility. This legislation is a necessary, common sense measure to provide our veterans with the flexibility they need during public health emergencies."

Rep. Banks:


"Veterans shouldn’t be made to jump through bureaucratic hoops to access basic healthcare during a national health crisis. The CARES Act already waived the 14-day prescription supply rule for Medicare recipients. It’s a shame that veterans were originally overlooked, but I’m proud to support Chip Roy’s sensible solution." 

Rep. Steube:


“Allowing veterans to use the private sector to fill their prescriptions is a no-brainer. The last thing veterans need to worry about during a public health emergency is getting their medications - we should be expanding access and choice for our nation’s heroes, not limiting their options."

Rep. Gosar: 

"Public health emergencies complicate the ability to provide constant care to all Americans, especially our nation’s veterans. The current crisis, and its disruption of supply chains and businesses, highlights issues limiting the ability of Veterans Affairs to cover our veterans seeking to refill prescriptions at private locations more easily accessible to them. I am proud to join Congressman Roy as an original cosponsor of this legislation which ensures our veterans maintain constant and full access to necessary prescriptions during public health emergencies."