Rep. Chip Roy Introduces VA DPC Act

March 15, 2020
Press Release

Rep. Chip Roy released the following statement H.R. 6259 – Veteran Access To Direct Primary Care Act:

“Far too often, our veterans run into problems obtaining efficient care. Whether it is long wait times at the VA, long distances to the VA, or lack of access to primary care doctors, many veterans find it difficult to get the services and care they need. That should never be the case.

Today, I am introducing the “Veteran Access to Direct Primary Care Act” to help veterans get the care they need. Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a model of healthcare that puts the doctor-patient relationship first. DPC allows a patient unfettered access to their primary physician for a small fixed monthly fee, stripping the layers upon layers of bureaucracy patients must navigate in the current healthcare marketplace.  

Obtaining care from outside the VA is nothing new for the veteran community -- about one-third of all appointments for veterans enrolled in the VA happen outside the VA system through community care. My legislation seeks to give veterans the opportunity to use direct primary care (DPC) physicians, who can write prescriptions, suture wounds, provide in-office care, and video conference directly with patients amongst other services. 

In order to provide veterans access to the DPC model, my legislation proposes a pilot program through the Center for Innovation as established by the Mission Act. Under the pilot program, veterans will have the ability to choose a “Veteran Health Savings Account” that allows veterans the ability to purchase DPC service agreements while still obtaining non-primary care through the Department of Veterans Affairs. 

Allowing veterans control of their care, and the ability to access all healthcare models should be a goal of us all. Our veterans should never have to put off their care if they need a simple appointment because the VA wait time or the drive just isn’t worth it. The Veteran Access to Direct Primary Care Act will give our veterans more healthcare freedom - our veterans have put their lives on the line for our freedom, they should have nothing less than the freedom to control their care.”

Community Support:

“Immediately adding an additional network of local, modern and direct primary care doctors will save a lot of lives, time, frustration and money all the way around. We want what this Bill offers. Period!” - Boone Cutler, combat veteran from the Iraq war

“My son might still be alive if this program had existed before he took his own life.” - MamaLutz, founder of the LCpl Janos V Lutz Foundation

“The bottom line is our veterans deserve the best medical care available - and they deserve it now, not years down the road. This Bill will be a giant step forward to make that happen. I support this Bill.” - Major Scott A. Huesing USMC, who is a retired Infantry Officer turned Bestselling Author, Expert Contributing Writer, and National Public Speaker

“Veterans have challenges overall with the VA healthcare system and for MST survivors and women veterans like me, gaining access to care in a safe environment is uniquely important. Giving all veterans the opportunity to video conference doctors creates another resource for immediate access to medical treatment. Restoring veteran's confidence in accessing medical treatment can be the defining factor to them seeking the care they deserve.” - BriGette McCoy, Army Veteran and CEO of Women Veteran Social Justice Network

“Our community has needed this for a decade, using modern communication techniques to save time is already happening elsewhere in medical treatment and there’s no reason it should be omitted from the process of treating veterans.” - Geoffrey Dardia, US Army Special Forces and Director of SOF Health Initiative for Task Force Dagger Foundation

“I’m a direct primary care doctor and already volunteer to see veterans in my practice. I find it sad that within the current system that is unable to handle its demand, veterans have to wait weeks and sometimes drive hundreds of miles or more to get to an appointment.  In my DPC medical practice they can be seen same day or if they need a question answered they text and I text them back right away or we can also do a FaceTime visit. It’s just that simple and there is no more driving for hours to be seen.  It is in their community and I am their doctor who knows them well. I know it works and all veterans should have this as one of their choices” - Dr. Katarina Lindley, Direct Primary Care physician

“Veterans have earned their health care benefits through years of sacrifice for this nation, the least we can do is give them the freedom to choose the health care model (doctor; provider) that works best for them and their families,” Grant Moody, Iraq and Afghanistan Veteran, Major in the Marine Reserves, and an executive at a large military financial services firm headquartered in San Antonio, Texas.

“Military veterans placed country over life and health.  The Veteran Access to Direct Primary Care Act is a step towards recognizing this sacrifice and providing access to the very best healthcare our great nation has to offer and will improve these heroes’ quality of life,” Karl Monger, Executive Director GallantFew, Inc.