Rep. Chip Roy On The Death Of Iranian Gen. Qassim Suleimani

January 3, 2020
Press Release

Rep. Chip Roy released the following statement Friday morning: 

Iranian Gen. Qassim Suleimani was evil incarnate. He was a known terrorist, an enemy of the United States, had the blood of Americans on his hands, was actively plotting further attacks on Americans, and deserved his fate.  Suleimani’s death is an important and powerful statement that America will always defend herself and her interests through defensive, and when necessary, pre-emptive actions. America will not be cowed by Iran, nor will we let acts of war committed against our citizens go unpunished.

To those Democrats hand-wringing about President Trump’s authority, he was not only correct to take him out as a response to Suleimani and Iran’s continued targeting of Americans and our national interests, he was legally empowered to do so as Commander-in-Chief, operating in Iraq, where our troops are lawfully present by authorization of Congress
In addition to killing Americans in the past, Suleimani was arrogantly, provocatively, and actively planning future attacks on Americans and our allies.  He was a key player in the development of the terrorist group, Hezbollah. He was the mastermind of many brutal attacks against one of the our most important allies, Israel.  Suleimani led a robust operation to recruit and train militia fighters to prop up Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Even the Obama administration designated him a terrorist in 2011. 
If Iran imprudently continues hostility toward America, President Trump should continue to defend the interests of the United States under his existing Constitutional and congressionally approved authorities.  But as I have stated before, and will continue to press, our overall posture in the Middle East, and generally, needs to be debated, voted on, and adopted to develop a national consensus around spending blood and treasure in defense of our national strategic interests. Should President Trump be compelled to continue to approve strikes against Iran and/or its proxies, Congress should act to give our military a clear mission with clear authority against a foe engaged in intensified hostilities.


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