Congressman Roy issues statement on January 6 Commission legislation

May 18, 2021
Press Release

WASHINGTON — Rep. Chip Roy (TX-21) released the following statement Tuesday regarding the proposed legislation to create a January 6th Commission:

The events of January 6th should be responsibly investigated. But to say that this bill is a responsible and proper way to do that is demonstrably false. We have an entire federal government with multiple, overlapping investigatory bodies that are designed for this purpose. The proposed commission does not have powers that existing law enforcement and existing congressional committees don’t already have; however, it does have an unlimited budget and a vague mandate.

In addition to being unquestionably duplicative, the commission will wield subpoena power to pursue an overly broad and vague mandate to investigate “relevant facts and circumstances related to,” among other things, “other entities of the public and private sector as determined relevant by the Commission” as well as otherwise protected speech under the guise of “influencing factors that contributed to” the Capitol riot. We should not hand out subpoena power to an unelected body with the capability of demanding private records from private citizens when those records are not related to a violation of law. This circumvents the spirit, if not the letter, of the Fourth Amendment.

This commission isn’t about justice, oversight or fact-finding; it’s about Democrats’ desperate need to keep prosecuting a former president and his supporters because their current agenda is failing the American people and destroying this country in real time.

America is dealing with a massive border crisis that empowers cartels and endangers Americans and migrants alike, accelerating inflation, and $30 trillion in debt. Our small businesses are struggling because we’re paying people not to work and one of our best friends and allies, Israel, is under attack from Hamas terrorists because of this President’s inexcusable weakness. Racist ideologies that demonize our founding and undermine its principles are infecting our schools, our military, and our federal government. Meanwhile, everything this commission is supposed to address is already being investigated by other congressional authorities. We should allow existing investigations to continue, with proper oversight by Congress to protect the civil liberties of American citizens. Meanwhile, Congress should look forward and work to repair the damage being inflicted on America by a weak Biden Administration and an extreme Democrat majority.