‘We need to stand up for our wives, our daughters, our sisters, our mothers’

September 28, 2021
In The News

WASHINGTON— On Monday, Rep. Chip Roy (TX-21) joined Tucker Carlson to voice concerns over the Republicans who voted for a National Defense Authorization Act that included forcing women to register for the draft and red-flag laws that would threaten service members’ Second Amendment rights.


Full length of the interview is available at the link here and some key quotes are below:  


  • We have your Congress voting for a National Defense Authorization Act with 135 Republicans, two-thirds of your Republicans, voting in favor of it that would put women into combat.  Now, we’re not talking about volunteering for service, we’re saying that we’re going to have women have to register for selective service.  In that same bill, they had red flag laws saying they can take guns away from active service duty, they had Green New Deal garbage, they had all sorts of stuff about critical race theory, woke stuff.  The Republicans voted for it dutifully.
  • Nobody in Washington- Republicans- want to fight these big institutions, but that’s what we need to do if want to actually change this town.
  • Do you trust the federal government? Do you trust the same federal government that just abandoned Afghanistan, that leaves our border wide open, that just left 85 billion dollars in the hands of the Taliban, that is now trying to force vaccines into the arms of our children? …I don’t trust the government, I don’t.  And in Congress I’m going to fight it.
  • We need to stand up for our wives, our daughters, our sisters, our mothers.