‘They want to target every other God-fearing conservative American out there’: Rep Roy on the Biden admin’s war on parents

November 23, 2021
In The News

WASHINGTON —On Monday, Rep. Chip Roy (TX-21) joined Dana Loesch in an interview on The First raising serious concern for the Biden administration’s targeting of the concerned parents and calling on them to hold the line and fight back.

Full clip of the interview is available here and some key quotes are below:

  • We’re seeing a rising up of parents… if a positive can come out of this COVID debacle, it’s that the veil has been lifted on a corrupt education system.  The corrupt education system that for too long has been teaching our kids that America is evil, that everyone here is racist, and that we should be apologizing for who we are as Americans.

  • The Biden administration, with all of its infinite wisdom and infinite power it believes, is going to then come in and go after all of those parents. We saw it unfold in Loudoun County and what happened with Scott Smith and his daughter and what happened in those schools, and that the FBI would be used to target parents and now the Department of Education Office of Civil Rights is now going after, it appears, Carroll ISD.  All of this is coordinated, all of this is purposeful.

  • At the end of the day, the most important thing to remember is people are sovereign.

  • Let’s just be clear about what the Biden administration wants to do. They want to target you, they want to target me, they want to target every other God-fearing conservative American out there.  It’s clear, we see it right now

  • Go win at the local level, go take your schools back, stop paying taxes to a school that teaches your children that America is evil. If we do that, we’ll win and we’ll win in the courts.

  • Don’t bow down, don’t back down, hold the line, go into court, sue for your rights.