‘Texas is going to have to hold the line’: Rep. Roy on the Constitutional crisis at our border

September 29, 2021
In The News

WASHINGTON— On Monday, Rep. Chip Roy (TX-21) joined Eric Bolling on Newsmax’s The Balance calling on Governor Abbott to expand his initiatives to address Biden’s unsustainable, national, constitutional crisis at the southern border.  


Full length of the interview is available at the link here and some key quotes are below:   


  • This is what happens when an administration puts a great big welcome sign on our border, saying that if you come here that you can claim asylum, we’re just going to release you into the United States, we’re going to give lip service to enforcement, we’re going to stop using title 42 or the Return to Mexico program that President Trump was using, we’re going to stop using that and we’re basically going to say, “come on in.”
  • In Texas, we caught 400 pounds of fentanyl this year, 10 pounds last year- that’s what’s happening with a wide open border- Americans are dying.  We’re finding dead migrants in South Texas, ranchers [are] having to deal with that.
  • Secretary Mayorkas, President Biden are refusing to faithfully execute the laws of the United States.  We should impeach them.
  • We can’t allow this to continue. Texas is going to have to hold the line… We have a constitutional obligation in Texas, we have a duty as sovereign state to secure the border of Texas, and I think the Governor ought to continue what he’s been doing and frankly, step on the gas.  I think we ought to be holding the line on the river and not relying on the federal government to do this because they refuse to do it.