Rep. Roy: ‘We need to be talking about taking back America’

November 15, 2021
In The News

WASHINGTON—Recently, Rep. Chip Roy (TX-21) joined Jesse Kelly in an interview to discuss the Biden administration’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate and how Republicans need to fight back against increased government intrusion; that includes refusing to support funding a government that imposes tyrannical policies.

Full clip of the video can be found here and some key quotes are below:

  • Unfortunately, thirteen of our colleagues made a full headed decision to side with the Democrats, basically bail out Nancy Pelosi and grease the skids for this… ridiculous reconciliation package.
  • I think what we saw unfold is now a wake-up call for Republicans… I think we need to be holding our leadership accountable, we need to be looking ahead to 2023.  Instead of saying things like, “take back the house,” we need to be talking about taking back America, we need to go out and win minds and hearts of the American people.
  • You don’t saddle up with those who are trying to take out our country, and are rolling over the forgotten men and women out there, particularly, here in Texas, who are getting steamrolled by a federal government every single day.
  • I’m very proud of the Americans out there who are hard workers who are telling their employers to pound sand and thereby telling President Biden to take this unconstitutional, unlawful mandate and shove it right up his rear end because that’s exactly what the American people are doing, that’s what they should be doing.
  • We need to just take this in our own hands, take our country back. Governor Abbott… governors across the country need to stand strong, we ought to have legislators passing laws that contradict what the feds are doing.
  • No Republican, not one Republican should be voting for a continuing resolution or any funding measure that is going to continue to fund this unconstitutional tyranny.