Rep. Roy: I will not vote for any Republican for ‘any office’ who votes to draft my daughter

November 17, 2021
In The News

WASHINGTON— On Wednesday, Rep. Chip Roy (TX-21) penned an op-ed in Newsweek outlining the most egregious provisions in this year’s National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) — particularly that it would require women to register for the draft. In the post, he also pledged never to support any Republican who votes for the policy for any future office.  

Full text of the op-ed is available at the link here; and some key quotes are below:

  • But still, most egregious is that the NDAA, as currently drafted, will mandate that my daughter—and everyone else's daughter—sign up to possibly be deployed to a war zone foxhole in a future American conflict.
  • Thousands of women serve admirably in the United States Armed Forces, and we are all thankful for their service and their sacrifice. The question is whether we, as a country, will force the possibility of the horrors and strains of combat upon our wives, our sisters and our daughters—and worse, do so without so much as a moment of debate or legislative amendment on the House floor.
  • Some Republicans have told me that they will vote for a female draft because the GOP will supposedly abolish either this provision, or the draft altogether, when we take power again. Well—OK, then do it now. But of course they won't. And if we had a dollar for every time we were going to "fix" something "later," we would have settled the national debt by now. 
  • To the many Republicans poised to make a devastating decision again, just know that I will not be able to vote for you for any office—including speaker, leader, president, or otherwise—if you vote for this.
  • Abolish the draft if you wish and bring it back again if and when we need one; I am willing to debate that on the merits. But—for her sake and this republic's—I will not vote to draft my daughter, and those who do so have lost my future support for office.