Rep. Roy on the border crisis: ‘we ought to impeach Mayorkas’

August 3, 2021
In The News

WASHINGTON —On Monday, Rep. Chip Roy (TX-21) joined Newsmax TV’s Cortes & Pellegrino to discuss how the Biden administration’s reckless immigration policy has led to new, historic illegal immigration numbers and has left Border Patrol overwhelmed.

Full audio of the interview is available here and some key quotes are below:

  • It is truly a humanitarian crisis. Where is AOC? Where are the Democrats who were screaming “kids in cages, kids in cages?”
  • Now you’ve got this crisis going on at the border which is endangering Texans, endangering ranchers, endangering our country with opioids flowing in, and cartels having operational control. You’ve got thousands of immigrants who are in these horrible conditions and are risking their lives and are being abused by cartels.
  • When we get back in power, we ought to impeach Mayorkas, we ought to consider impeaching President Biden. They are not faithfully executing the laws of the United States, they are doing it purposefully. They are endangering Americans, it’s enough. The American people have had it, the Texans have had it, and they can all just go to hell.
  • We’re getting to a place now, a desperate time, where we’re not really having any true policing at our border.
  • I think we're getting to a point right now where we ought to consider just shutting down the ports of entry, to send a loud signal to the United States that we're not going to deal with this anymore. I think we need to go put our own manpower down at the border.
  • I want the Attorney General of the United States to come down to Texas, look me in the face, and tell me he's going to do something to stop Texans from securing our border. It's time. We need to do it ourselves.