Rep. Roy denounces ‘flawed’ impeachment articles and condemns President Trump’s ‘impeachable’ actions

January 13, 2021
Press Release

WASHINGTON — On Wednesday, Rep. Chip Roy (TX-21) gave the following remarks on the House floor to explain his position on President Trump’s actions the previous week and the flawed articles of impeachment presented to the House in response.

Below are the remarks as prepared:

The President of the United States deserves universal condemnation for what was clearly impeachable conduct – pressuring the Vice President to violate his oath to the Constitution to count the electors.

His open and public pressure – courageously rejected by the Vice President – purposefully seeded the false belief among the President’s supporters, including those assembled on January 6th, that there was a legal path for the President to stay in power.

It was foreseeable and reckless to sow such a false belief that could lead to violence and rioting by loyal supporters whipped into a frenzy.

Unfortunately, my Democrat colleagues drafted articles that I believe are flawed… focusing on the legally specific terms of incitement and insurrection. 

Even noting impeachment does not require meeting a certain legal standard – the danger for open speech & debate in this body and for the Republic generally is high – if the House approves the articles as written. 

The language of this impeachment will be used to target members of this body under section 3 of the 14th Amendment.  It will be used to suggest that any statements we make are subject to review by our colleagues and send us down the perilous path of the cleansing political speech in the public square.

We must end this.  Let us condemn that which must be condemned and do so loudly.  But let us do it the right way – with deliberation, and without disastrous side effects.   We must end litigating our nation by social media and sound bites.  Let us stop.  Let us debate. 

Let us sit down and lead this nation again.