Rep. Roy on the border crisis: Kamala Harris doesn’t ‘give a wit about the people of Texas’

June 15, 2021
Press Release

WASHINGTON—On Monday evening, Rep. Chip Roy (TX-21) delivered remarks on the House floor calling out Vice President Kamala Harris for refusing to lift a finger to protect citizens and migrants as dangerous cartels continue driving their human trafficking victims and deadly fentanyl far into our communities.  

Some key quotes from Congressman Roy are below and full footage of the appearance can be found at the link here:

  • Well, if [Kamala Harris] can find the border on a map and actually use her taxpayer funded airplane, go to Andrews Airforce Base, fly to the great state of Texas, fly directly to the border of the Rio Grande, and actually find the time in her duty as the Vice President of the United States to give a wit about the people of Texas, then maybe she could actually have a photo-op. But perhaps, the people of this country and state of Texas, which I represent, would like more than a photo-op. Perhaps, we would like a vice president who actually cared about the people of Texas.
  • It is not the Mexican government that operates Tamaulipas or the state across the Rio Grande. It is the dangerous cartels, making tens of millions of dollars profiting, moving human beings for profit and that is what my colleagues on the other side of the aisle, sell as compassion.
  • Texas takes the brunt of it- an 800% increase over the last four years- total fentanyl, 800% more, this year alone. Do you know how dangerous fentanyl is, Madame Speaker? We've had 7,500 pounds of fentanyl, 7,500 pounds that have been acquired by Border Patrol. Imagine what they might acquire if they weren't limited in resources, imagine what they might acquire if they weren't taking processing in McAllen instead of having wide open spaces between our ports of entry.
  • My state is under siege, my state is taking it on the chin because Democrats refuse to secure the border of the United States. It is the fundamental duty of a nation to secure its border.
  • What on earth is more important than securing the border of the United States? And how hard is it to get on your taxpayer funded plane and fly to South Texas and go meet with the Border Patrol, meet with the ranchers, and meet with the migrants, and meet with the business owners that are getting killed? It is happening every single day in our state. It is our duty in the people’s house to secure this border of this nation.