Rep. Roy Announces Legislation to Prevent Funding of President Biden’s Day One Executive Orders Rejoining the WHO and Paris Climate Agreement

January 20, 2021
Press Release

WASHINGTON -- Rep. Chip Roy (TX-21) issued the following statement on Wednesday: 

Today, the Biden administration is moving to reverse two of the great accomplishments of the Trump administration by unilaterally rejoining two international bodies that undermine the health and security of the United States of America: the World Health Organization and the Paris Climate Agreement.  In response, I will introduce legislation to prevent taxpayer funding from both of these efforts.

On one hand, the American people should not be forced fund organizations that propagate the lies of the Chinese Communist Party and silence our allies like Taiwan, who warned that COVID-19 could spread human to human. The United States is the largest government contributor to WHO and makes up about 22% of the organization’s core budget. We need to hold WHO accountable for its lack of transparency and multiple failures related to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

On the other, rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement will initiate efforts to dismantle two decades of American energy progress and record production levels – even though the United States simultaneously outperformed other major nations in reducing total carbon emissions. Making energy more expensive and less abundant through regulation will only hurt our economy, especially low income Americans, and return us to dependence on foreign countries for energy. Shuttering American companies and killing jobs in Texas so career politicians like Secretary John Kerry can mingle in Paris, France is morally bankrupt.

The Trump administration rightly protected the American people’s interests by removing the United States from participation in both bodies. I will fight to ensure no taxpayer dollars are wasted in rejoining them.