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Rep. Chip Roy Rep. John Rose’s objection to a Unanimous Consent vote on the disaster supplemental:

May 30, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON—Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) released the following statement regarding Rep. John Rose’s objection to a Unanimous Consent vote on the disaster supplemental:

“Glad to see another member of Congress making clear to speaker Pelosi can’t run the House by fiat. I commend my colleague, Rep. Rose, for objecting to today’s Unanimous Consent on a $19.1 billion-dollar emergency supplemental bill that has been languishing for over months. After today’s objection, which marks the third, it is blatantly clear that Speaker Pelosi and the Democratic conference would rather play politics than do the work of the people.

The speaker could have put this bill on the floor last Thursday, shortly after the Senate passed its version while members of the House were still in town. She could have held the House in session the following morning. She chose to close the floor, send everyone home, and then tried to jam the bill through without members present. Major legislation that spends taxpayer dollars should be discussed, debated, and members should cast a vote. That is how our system is set up. That is how it is supposed to operate. Unfortunately, today was yet another example of how the swamp operates.

Our nation is strong enough and compassionate enough to have a responsive and fiscally responsible approach to help people who are hurting in the wake of natural disasters. The truth is we could have passed this disaster bill months ago. In fact, we should have passed something months ago for the federally responsible areas to help Florida, Georgia, Nebraska, and parts of Texas.

Again, there is also no reason that, as we move a disaster supplemental, we should not also move the quite modest $4.4 billion request from OMB Director Russ Vought to ensure DHS and HHS do not run out of money while managing the over 100,000 illegal aliens being apprehended and the Unaccompanied Alien Minor Children being unable to be housed appropriately. Just as we should respond in a responsible manner to the natural disasters, we should respond to the humanitarian crisis occurring at our southern border.

As I’ve said, my hope is that Speaker Pelosi will come to her senses and allow all 435 members the opportunity to have a robust debate and a vote on the Senate-passed version of the disaster supplemental. I know I stand ready to come back to Washington any day to do our job and vote.”