Rep. Chip Roy On His Chief Of Staff, Wade Miller

June 24, 2020
Press Release

Rep. Chip Roy released the following statement Wednesday afternoon: 

“It came to my attention in recent days that my Chief of Staff, Wade Miller, exercised poor judgment and used inappropriate language while engaging with individuals on social media.  It was wrong, and in response, my first step was to reprimand him privately, request that he back away from social media, and relay to my entire staff that under no circumstances is this kind of profane language acceptable on social media or any other platform.

“Wade has apologized to me and our team, and through this statement apologizes to the entire community I represent.  He also informed me today that he, a Marine combat veteran, took it upon himself to make appointments for PTSD counseling.  He said, ‘I let my anger over attacks on my military brothers and sisters, as well as law enforcement, cloud my judgment and represent this office poorly.’

“I have put him on leave subject to completing appropriate counseling, and he has taken himself off of all forms of social media, effectively immediately.

“While he is on leave my Deputy Chief of Staff, Maggie Harrell, will be acting Chief, and we will all continue to strive to ensure my office reflects the values of the central Texans I am proud to represent.”