Rep. Roy rips the Biden administration’s ‘absurd’ attempt to blame the border crisis on Trump

May 17, 2021
In The News

WASHINGTON — Rep. Chip Roy joined Fox Business Network’s Varney & Co. Monday morning to discuss the worsening crisis at the southern border and the Biden administration’s dangerously incompetent response.

Full footage of the appearance is available here. Key quotes are below:

  • “We’ve had at least 300,000 [illegal aliens] released into our communities, that we know of, this calendar year.”
  • “The cartels know the game now. They’re making literally tens of millions of dollars a day moving people for profit. … Our government is doing nothing, but just puts up statements that somehow this is Trump’s fault. It’s absurd.”
  • “[The administration’s border approach] is very much similar to what they’re doing with respect to Israel: walking away from policies that work while we’re watching our friends in Israel getting hammered by rockets from Hamas out of Gaza.”
  • “It’s the incompetent policies of this administration that are endangering not only Americans, but our friends in Israel.”