‘It’s all about power’: Rep. Roy on Southwest Air, vaccine mandates, and tyranny

October 13, 2021
In The News

WASHINGTON— On Tuesday, Rep. Chip Roy (TX-21) joined radio host Andrew Wilkow on Sirius XM Patriot’s The Wilkow Majority to discuss how vaccine mandates are being used by government officials and corporate boards to exercise power over the American people.

Full audio of the interview is available at the link here, and some key quotes are below:

  • I hope Americans reject [vaccine mandates], I hope the pilots, the unions, the FAA, I hope they keep sticking it to Southwest and every other airline and every other big business doing this.
  • We’ve got all these geniuses coming in from corporate boards saying, “you will bow down to the mandate, you will do this.”… this is unprecedented and absurd.
  • They come in and they tell you, “dance.” They come in and say, “you will do this” because it’s about power – that’s what this is about.  This is about reshaping the entire American way of life.
  • They are using this virus to be able to press control by the federal government and use people’s fears to get their claws into it so they can run your healthcare, they can run your businesses, they can have more ownership over the corporations.  They can have more success for them in moving this country towards a socialist framework.  That’s what it’s all about.
  • Why are you forcing me to get the vaccine to protect someone else if I can still communicate the disease even though I’ve had the vaccine? It’s because it’s about power.